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Dear Employee,

We are very excited to have you as part of the Deaf Interpreter Services Team, and also very excited to have this portal on the Web just for you! Please note: this is a confidential site and not to be shared with others.

The “Employee Policy Guide” posted here, has our company polices and is intended to help you understand our Mission, Values and how we operate. Both our Mission and Values are key components in making Deaf Interpreter Services, Inc. a premier provider of Sign Language and Oral Interpreters nationwide.

Every Employee is responsible for reading, familiarizing and adhering to the policies on your portal. We also have “tabs” on your portal for our Statement of Professionalism and Educational Setting Work Agreement as well as school locations, driving directions, forms etc...

Our Mission is to break thru the language barrier, improving educational, occupational and social opportunities for people who are Deaf – while maintaining an excellent working relationship with the Business Community.

We strive at D.I.S. to promote Deaf Culture and the recognition of those who are “differently-abled”.

We Value an environment of high standards, professionalism and integrity. We also have a reputation for hiring the finest and most highly skilled interpreters who operate in a professional manner. We thank you for the professionalism and ethics you exhibit while representing D.I.S.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments on any of the information on the portal please talk with D.I.S. management, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

We are very proud of our Great Team of Employees!


Marilyn L. Weber

P.S. you can access the portal by http://portal.deaf-interpreter.com If you have any problems accessing the portal contact our webmaster Abel Lopez.

TERMS OF AGREEMENT - User of this portal agrees that they will not share their on-line access with any other person. User also agrees to abide by the confidentiality of all information on the portal and further agrees none of the content will be shared,
by any means, with any other persons unless authorized by D.I.S. management.

This on-line Employee Policy Guide is for D.I.S. employee’s informational purposes only. Neither the Policy Guide nor any provision of the Policy Guide is intended to constitute an employment contract or any other type of contract. D.I.S. reserves the unilateral right to modify, rescind or defer any of the contents of the Policy Guide at any time.

The information on this portal is the exclusive property of D.I.S. and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of
D.I.S. All rights reserved. ©




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